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Giving children and youth with special needs the opportunity to dream, learn, succeed and belong is the goal of every parent.  But at Grandview, it is even more important to our parents and children to have every ounce of support we can possibly provide them.

We need your support to help us be able to continue to provide these essential programs.

To learn more about where your money goes when you support Our Kids, click on the children’s photo’s below, their stories are truly inspiring and show that small victories can be huge!

Meet Owen

In November 2010, at only 15 months old, Owen was diagnosed with Kleefstra syndrome, a micro deletion on the long arm of one of his 9th chromosomes. Along with a host of medical implications, doctor’s said Owen may never walk and would be non-verbal. For over a year Owen had not been meeting milestones.

Enter Grandview Children’s Centre and a dedicated team of therapists determined to support Owen’s every step. Owen has been attending speech, physio and occupational therapy at Grandview for six years. In January 2013, at the age of 3 1/2, Owen took his very first steps under the watchful eye of his physiotherapist. She was as excited as we were, and it meant so much to be able to share that moment with her.

Owen is one of only 300 people in the world with a Kleefstra syndrome diagnosis. A rare diagnosis can be very isolating. Our Grandview family has supported us, and at times, carried us through. Whether it is the wonderful clinical staff, volunteers or all the amazing families we have met on our journey, Grandview plays an important part in our family’s story. We are happy to return that support so other families may experience the success and joy that we have, and with Grandview’s continued help, will no doubt continue to experience for years to come.

Meet Justine

Justine is a highly-motivated nine and a half year old girl who is working hard every day at becoming as strong and independent as she can be.

Justine and her brother Jamal are twins who were born prematurely at 27 weeks.

At birth, Justine experienced bleeding in her brain. When doctors realized she wasn’t meeting her milestones, Justine was referred to Grandview Children’s Centre for assessment.

In 2007, Justine was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy affecting all four of her limbs.

Over the past eight years, Justine has benefitted from the expert paediatric care she receives at Grandview Children’s Centre, including: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, and social work services.

Last year, Justine had multi-level orthopaedic surgery on her legs requiring several weeks of intensive rehabilitation. During that time, Justine attended Campbell Children’s School, the education partner of Grandview Children’s Centre, where she received daily post-operative therapy while continuing her studies at school.

Despite her challenges, Justine is an energetic kid with a great sense of humour who lights up every room she enters.

Meet Timothy

Timothy’s parents are amazed at the extent of dedication and depth of professionalism at Grandview Children’s Centre. After contracting Meningitis at the age of 5 months, resulting in hearing loss and cerebral palsy, Timothy’s parents were told he would likely not be strong enough to talk, walk, feed himself or even get himself dressed.

Timothy has been a client of Grandview Children’s Centre for over 8 years. His parents feel blessed to have received undivided support and care for Timothy while he underwent Botox injections and participated in speech, occupational and physical therapies. Timothy also feels fortunate to have been given the opportunity to start his school career at Campbell Children’s School, co-located at Grandview’s Oshawa site. This opportunity allowed him to be in a regular classroom setting with his peers, while receiving vital therapy throughout his school day.

Now at the age of 11, Timothy helps to dress himself, and is a whiz on the computer. Thanks to the dedicated staff at Grandview, and their commitment to his well-being, instead of requiring a full time caregiver as his parents once thought, Timothy rarely asks for help at all.

Meet Teagan

Teagan’s parents were so happy to have her come into their lives and as parents have loved watching her grow up into a young lady in front of their very eyes. At 18 months old, they began to notice that Teagan was falling behind in her developmental and physical stages for her age. After many months of specialists and testing, at the age of 2 and 1/2 years old, Teagan was diagnosed with Autism, as well as being non-verbal and a major flight risk.

With the help of many specialists, therapists, and programs provided at Grandview, her parents have seen their beautiful active daughter grow into a happy, loving, caring and enthusiastic child. Teagan loves to laugh and smile with friends. Most importantly, she has a strong desire to thrive and learn and is now attending full day mainstream school.

She has shown everyone that she will not allow her condition to affect her happiness in life, Grandview will help her make that a possibility. Teagan is almost five years old and she has grown tremendously, thanks in a very large part to all the hard work provided by Grandview staff.

Meet Molly

Erin and Kyle McPhedran are the proud parents of two daughters, Aislinn and Molly. When Erin took Molly for her 12-month checkup at the family doctor, Erin had concerns about Molly not meeting her milestones: she wasn’t pulling herself to a stand, and seemed to have other delays. Over the months that followed, Molly’s parents discussed concerns about Molly’s communication, which seemed to be delayed. A caring friend recommended Grandview Children’s Centre for speech therapy. On Grandview’s website, Erin learned that she could self-refer Molly to Grandview’s Preschool Speech-and Language Program.

Concerns about Molly’s development increased, and at 22-months old, she was diagnosed with autism. Erin and Kyle felt their lives had been turned upside down, but Grandview was there to support the family, offering therapeutic intervention to assist Molly in her development, and helping Erin and Kyle understand that as parents, they would be an integral part of Molly’s therapy team. One of the first parent education sessions Erin and Kyle attended at Grandview was the “More Than Words” workshop where they learned that despite her diagnosis, Molly’s limits were endless. Erin also connected with Grandview’s Family Facilitator, and gained more insight into the new world they had entered as parents of a child with autism.

As a Grandview Kid, Molly has benefitted from speech-language therapy, occupational therapy and ABA-based autism services. For her junior and senior kindergarten years, Molly was also a student at Campbell Children’s School, Grandview’s education partner, co-located at Grandview’s headquarters in Oshawa. Now, the little girl who was delayed in her speech is speaking in full sentences and participating in activities with other kids her own age. Thanks to early intervention from Grandview when Molly was 22-months old, her parents have high hopes for where she will be at 22-years old.

Meet Matthew

This is Matthew, he is 6 years old and has Down syndrome. Matthew was also born with a congenital heart defect called Atrioventricular Septal Defect (AVSD) and underwent open heart surgery to repair it when he was 5 months old. All of this caused significant delays in Matthew’s development. Matthew is non-verbal and has low fine and gross motor skills.

Matthew has been a Grandview Kid since he was 2 years old. Matthew is a happy, friendly, determined young man who loves going to Grandview Children’s Centre and sees it as a fun place. Although he is receiving therapies, he is also making friends with other children and the staff always treat him like he is their favourite client – what young man wouldn’t love that kind of attention?

Matthew’s parents, Shawn and Melodie, started at Grandview in a Parent Networking Group for parents of babies with Down syndrome. They became close friends with most of those parents and still keep in touch to this day. Matthew has since been involved with Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Therapeutic Recreation and the ABA program at Grandview. Matthew learned to walk and jump at Grandview and recently, he began learning how to swim and ride a bike there too.

It is difficult for Matthew to participate in camps and activities in the community, so Melodie and Shawn appreciate having a place like Grandview where staff not only provide programming for high needs children but nurture those children through their programming.

Grandview has provided both Matthew and the Muir family with amazing tools to help build a better life. Melodie wants to give back to Grandview, so began volunteering with Family Networking events, the Our Grandview committee and is currently the co-Chair of the Family Advisory Committee. Grandview has given both Matthew and Melodie the knowledge and confidence to become strong advocates.

Meet Jaxon

Jaxon was born May 19 2012 to his excited family of mom, dad and three older sisters, a little boy to complete their circle. Things did not go quite as planned and the family embarked on the unknown journey of Prader Willi syndrome.

When Jaxon was born he did not cry or really move much at all. He was peaceful and calm and did not complain for over a year. He had very little energy and could barely stay awake to even drink a bottle. He was tube fed for a month and was diagnosed with PWS at 19 days old.

Some symptoms that are associated with PWS include low muscle tone, energy level and metabolism. Cognitive delays, poor temperature regulation are common, but most notable is an insatiable appetite and fascination with food. Jaxon will never feel full after eating and this will cause him to struggle daily.

The family feels fortunate to have encountered so much support both from the PWS community and through Grandview Children’s Centre. They feel that they have been provided with the tools needed to help their son reach his full potential. The family truly feels they are part of an elite team that truly wants Jaxon to succeed. They have been surrounded by people who make little miracles happen every day, this is so inspiring and the Haddow’s are so thankful.

Meet Amanda

I was diagnosed as having Spastic left hemiparesis cerebral palsy and began my journey with Grandview at 13 months old.  What I remember the most about all of my therapy sessions was the therapists friendliness, positivity and encouragement. With their help I always believed anything was possible.

It is not always easy to fit in with other kids but with the help of the Grandview Social Worker, I was able to build my confidence and to realize my strengths. My occupational and Physiotherapists helped me strengthen my left side. Grandview has given me so much in my life. Through their programs they have taught me how to live my life to the fullest. I am so excited to see what the future holds for me. My success in life is credited to all the help I have received from Grandview Children’s Centre. I am truly grateful to all the people who have inspired and guided me throughout my time at Grandview.


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