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Holiday Givalanche

Thank you for BELIEVING in the Magic of Grandview Kids

This Year, Give a Gift that Makes Difference


Your donation will have DOUBLE the impact this year. Thank you to the incredible generosity of a Grandview Friend, your gift to Grandview Kids will be matched dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $25,000

Your gift will have double the impact!


Grandview has given us the voice to advocate for our son.”

It’s that time of year again! It’s time for decorations, treats, gift giving and plenty of holiday cheer. For some families, though, the holiday season is about more than new gadgets and pretty decorations.

letter to Santa

“Dear Santa,

There are a few things on my wish list. One of them is to help my brother talk properly…”

For Kayla, it’s hard to think about asking for toys when her brother, Rowen, has incredible difficulty with speech. Kayla used her Christmas wish to ask if he could help her brother Rowen with his speaking ability.  As we all know, Santa can only do so much and helping Rowen’s speech isn’t one of his abilities.

Though this is the season to believe, Santa can’t deliver this Christmas wish, but there is an organization that can. Believe in the magic of Grandview Kids.

Rowen Santiago is a Grandview Kid. Diagnosed with Developmental Speech and Language Disorder means Rowen has a severe speech delay with motor planning issues.


For years, Rowen’s family has been told that they’re lucky “it’s just speech.” Rowen’s mom Laurie says it’s much more than that.

It’s Rowen crying because he fell, got hurt and is unable to tell us what happened. It’s kids excluding him from play because he’s not playing the way they are. It’s the crushed look Rowen gives you every time he tells someone something and they turn to us and ask, ‘what did he say?’”


Rowen has been receiving speech therapy services at Grandview Children’s Centre since 2013 and at five years old, Rowen is currently attending Campbell Children’s School.

“At every point of contact through Grandview, you see Rowen’s confidence grow. Grandview has helped him find his voice.”

The expert paediatric team at Grandview Children’s Centre has been a huge part of Rowen’s achievements, including speech goals set by his Speech-Language Pathologist.

“Through the therapies he’s received at Grandview and learning at Campbell’s, you see a little more of that sparkle that Row has, knowing that he’s going to say something and people are going to understand him.”

Grandview Children’s Centre  has helped Rowen’s family understand what he’s going through, has helped Rowen speak for himself and has provided the necessary treatment to help Rowen grow and learn every step of the way.


At this special time of giving, we hope you will support children like Rowen, by giving to Grandview Kids.

Grandview Children’s Centre makes a big difference in the lives of children and youth with special needs across Durham Region. What you may not realize is the amount of special services the centre provides including but not limited to; Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech – Language Pathology. Our programs unleash limitless potential, inspire possibilities and change lives.

Your gift could help a child achieve a personal milestone, say their first word, take their first step or become a Grandview client for the first time.

Your gift will make a difference!

Because of the incredible generosity of Glenn & Lorrie Willson, your gift to Grandview Kids will be matched dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $25,000. Your gift will have double the impact!

Do not miss out on this chance to give a gift that truly makes a difference.

Give to Grandview Kids this holiday season. Please send your gift along with the enclosed donation card today or visit grandviewkids.ca


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