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Tape a Toonie for Grandview Kids

Help Grandview Kids and Tape a Toonie for Grandview Kids on February 6, 2019


Together we raised $17,060.20 last year for Grandview Kids during the 5th year of Tape a Toonie for Grandview Kids. This year, we are hoping we could raise $25,000 to empower even more kids across Durham help to live up to their full potential. Please show your support by registering to participate in Tape a Toonie for Grandview Kids.

To register your school or day care, complete the form below. 


Not only do they require food and water but they also need to keep their body temperature at a tolerable level.

Help Celebrate Kids with Special Needs

Help your school and daycare show support for Grandview Kids!


Grandview Kids rely on Grandview Children’s Centre, the only paediatric treatment and rehabilitation centre in Durham Region for children and youth with special needs. Grandview serves 6,000 Grandview Kids and their families each year, with 3,000 more kids waiting for service – your $2 donation will make a difference!

How can you support Grandview Kids?
We are asking schools and daycares in Durham Region to raise funds to support Grandview Kids who receive specialized support and services at Grandview Children’s Centre. You can help by distributing our Grandview Kids Tape a Toonie flyer to all students before Wednesday, February 6th. Students should be encouraged to return the bottom portion of the flyer with a $2.00 donation taped to it. Funds raised will help Grandview Kids: some to walk and some to talk and all to achieve their personal best. We encourage students and staff to show their support for Grandview Kids on Wednesday, February 6, 2019 by wearing blue and orange.


Make a Difference

We are asking secondary schools in Durham Region to raise funds to support Grandview Kids who receive specialized support and services at Grandview Children’s Centre. Your school can help by distributing our Grandview Kids Tape a Toonie flyer to all students through out the month of March. Students should be encouraged to donated $2.00 through out the month.

There are many different ways to fundraise to help Grandview Kids:

You can ask for $2.00 to dress down, wear your hat, bake sales, perhaps you can offer a spare for a donation as well.

The funds raised will help many Grandview Kids to walk, talk and all to achieve their personal best.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Bobbi at bobbijo.penney@grandviewkids.ca with details of when you will be fundraising during the month and what we can do to help.

Tape a Toonie for Grandview Kids Flyer

Participating Schools and Daycare

Ajax Child Care Centre $16.00
Alexander Graham Bell Public School $79.00
Altona Forest Public School $125.00
Bayfair Daycare $73.00
Bayview Heights Public School $182.00
Beau Valley Public School $81.00
Bellwood Public School $79.20
Blair Ridge Public School $295.00
Bolton C. Falby $129.00
Brooklin Village Public School $264.00
Campbell Childrens School $700.75
Captain Michael Vandenbos Public School $197.00
Cartwright Central Public School $107.00
Chris Hadfield Public School $508.00
Clara Hughes Early Learning & Child Care $2.00
Compass Early Learning And Care $59.00
Coronation Public School $186.00
Courtice North Public School $129.15
Curiosity Children’s Centre $75.00
Discovery Place Child Care Centre $51.00
Dr CF Cannon Public School $68.00
DR S J Philliips P.S. $388.00
Dr. Emily Stowe Public School $253.20
Dr. R. Thornton Public School $85.00
Dr. Ross Tilley Public School $1,460.20
Duffin’s Bay Public School $76.00
E A Fairman Pulic School $121.00
Ecole Catholique Saint-Charles Garnier $854.15
Edukids – Bayly $116.00
Edukids – Gelanna $94.00
Edukids – Bowmanville $65.00
Edukids – Dundas $33.00
Edukids – Oshawa $35.90
Edukids – Salem $12.00
Elizabeth B. Phin Public School $150.00
Fairport Beach Public School $69.00
Fallingbrook Public School $186.00
Forest View Public School $297.25
Greenbank Public School $32.00
Happy Apple Children’s Centre $4.00
Harmony Heights Public School $84.00
Helping Hands Day Care ~ Courtice $62.00
Helping Hands Daycare ~ Brooklin $36.00
Helping Hands Daycare ~ Lakeside $111.00
Helping Hands Daycare ~ Pickering $77.00
Helping Hands Daycare ~ Rougemount $54.00
Helping Hands Daycare ~ Westney $38.00
Helping Hands Daycare ~Whitby $87.00
Holy Trinity Secondary School $980.00
John M. James Public School $275.00
Julie Payette Public School $425.00
Lester B. Pearson Public School $72.00
Lincoln Alexander Pucblic School $115.25
Lincoln Avenue Public School $32.25
Mccaskill’s Mills Public School $204.25
Norman G. Powers Public School $191.00
Orono Public School $122.00
Perry House Child Care Services $84.00
Pringle Creek Public School $305.25
Quaker Village Public School $50.00
Queen Elizabeth Public School $61.55
R.H. Cornish Public School $538.00
Robert Munsch Public School $316.55
Rosebank Public School $277.30
S.A. Cawker Public School $196.00
S.T. Worden Public School $88.00
School House Play Care – Applecroft $6.00
Seneca Trail Public School $194.00
Sherwood Public School $124.00
Sir Albert Love C.S $94.00
Sir Samuel Steele Public School $180.00
Smart Start Learning Centre – Williamson $25.00
Smart Start Learning Centre -Middlecote $56.00
St James Catholic School $130.00
St Joseph Catholic French Immersion $367.00
St. André Bessette Catholic School $101.00
St. Bridget C.S. $130.00
St. Isaac Jogues Catholic School $75.00
St. John Paul ll Catholic School $100.00
St. Joseph Catholic School $375.00
St. Josephine Bakhita C.S $228.50
St. Monica C.S. $143.00
St. Paul Catholic School $242.00
St. Theresa C.S $66.00
St. Thomas’ Child Care $104.00
St. Wilfred Catholic School $160.00
The Apple Tree Pre School And Learning Centre $20.25
Thorah Central P.S. $30.00
Tykes Of Columbus Child Care Ctr $78.00
Vaughan Willard Public School $94.00
Village Of Brooklin Cooperative Playschool $62.00
Waverly Public School $142.00
Whitby Shores Public School $300.00
William Dunbar Public School $400.10
Winchester Public School $206.00


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